Contextual Journalism

The front page of newspaper work like a index in conveying the information.And this routine has been update time to time.Contextual Journalism always focus on beyond the fact & figure.Good stories Always needs a good context.Good context make a good impact on reader. Journalism has undergone many changes over time to time.Contextual journalism has emerged as powerful form of reporting. To understand this form of journalism Scholars Katherine Fink and Micheal Schudson of Columbia University research down newspaper from 1950 to 2003.

They found: 1. Investigative story has increased over the time.

2. Social Stories has increased from 1percent to 6percent till 2003.

In. Late 1950s and 60s publishers was focusing on what ,who,where I mean mostly on 5W, 1H.But today they also publish back story related to an issue.

An study on fact checking journalism by Lukas graves( 2016) found that how changes occur in journalism.and changes in routine of reporter resulted a different way for journalist to interact with their reader.

Front page news stories set a agenda for discussion and and the reader gets most relevant information .

We define contextualised reporting as a explanatory stories.These explanatory stories focuses on picture.Contextualised story also supply a context for other.